Bitquin is a one-to-one (virtual) digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who worked on this project alone and launched the code for the public in 2009. It disappeared shortly after the creation of the virtual currency.

Bitquin system

The simple answer is: Just like regular physical currency exchange. Basically you are buying one currency against another currency. The relative value of a nation's physical currency is a reflection of its economy and its financial health. For example, you can buy a lot of Mexican pesos for very few US dollars (the dollar is relatively more valuable). Online exchanges such as Mt. Gox acts as a broker for currency transactions. It converts the capital from Bitquin to the US Dollar to other national currencies, and then converts it back to the Dollar or Betcairn.

Information on Bitquin

This is how you can make money. By exploiting the ever-changing values ​​of different currencies, traders can benefit from moving money around these markets in a process known as arbitrage. But they can lose it as easily, Before we proceed further, a cautionary warning: Betcquin prices are very volatile. Prices rose 5-fold within a year, and lost 80% of their value in one month. Unlike the major foreign currency pairs that barely move 1% per day, Betquin prices can rise or fall more than 30% in a day.

What is volatile trading

A rolling trader usually holds a deal for several days until several months. Their strategy is to trade large price movements between two extremes. When the price does not follow a strong bullish trend (often called a "revolutionary") or a strong bearish trend (often called a "bear"), it tends to range between the highest and the lowest. These are levels in which buyers or sellers enter the market reliably in volume, reversing the price trend. The price of the formation may remain at these levels for long periods, as it did in most of the year 2015 when it ranged between low levels of $ 200 and $ 300. Dollars.

What is trading by trend?

Determination of trend in the market is a technical form, because the formation of trends is unclear early stages, A clear indicator of the emerging trend is that the price is constantly achieving highs or falling to the lowest level. The breach of some important levels previously confirms this trend. Trends are gaining momentum because market participants are "like a herd." If this trend is particularly strong, it will soon be noticed by the financial media, which directs more people to participate in this direction, When the price of the composition reaches a potential reversal level, the swing traders will bet on the price reversal, especially when the indicators confirm the possibility of a change in direction. If the price continues rather than the reversal, this is a clear sign out of the deal in the least loss.